Local Ministries To Pray For


Name and Web Page


Description and Task


1. resource empowerment (displaced resource service) Local ministries reaching out to those who are displaced and margenalized.  

Housing, Food Dist., Medical Resource

2. sitting in the gates (encouraging leaders) Encougaing ministers to find good accountability with other ministers for edifying the Body of Christ

Monthly meeting with local church leaders


3. parade and float planning Bringing the gifts and talents for parade outreach.

Building and decorating floats

3. state park chaplain service Working with the State Park Service to minister in the parks

Rotating church leaders for weekly service at park

4. men's breakfast outreach Once a month Saturday men's breakfast

Calling and emailing men
requesting speakers or events

5. coastnetworklinks preparedness Local preparedness for churches

call and emailing people about events
arranging meetings for preparedness group

6. all church events - bbqs and sings Non-denominational events for local churches

organizing and notifying people

7. Christian Gun Club Christian club for learning how to use guns and bows.

Learning safety and technical knowledge.
Practicing with others on a range.

8. Christian Drama Club Christian drama team for local events and street ministry

performing plays and skits for events and services

9. Gardening With Love And Grace

Every year the gardens start up on the coast and it is a time for sharing seeds and bulbs.  If you have any starts you can bring 6 paks in to give out to family.  
10. Bee Patch Sewing Circle

Recycle good cloths through thrifts stores  
11. Vocational Awareness      
12. Tech Team Titans      
13. Connectivity & Communications